Asphalt sealcoating is the front-line, most economical preservation treatment to get the longest life out of your asphalt. Asphalt has binders that act as the glue that holds everything together. The sun’s ultraviolet rays, weather damage, and leaking vehicles cause these bonds to break. Without regular maintenance, rapid pavement deterioration will occur.

We Offer Plenty Of Sealcoating Options


One of the best ways to beautify, protect, and extend asphalt life. Premium Seal is recommended for smoother, well-maintained surfaces. Intended for property owners/managers truly committed to protecting their asphalt investment with regular maintenance.


The longest lasting sealcoat system available. All of the benefits of Premium Seal but applied differently. Best for unsealed, aged, or rough textured asphalt with greater surface deterioration. We use a mechanical squeegee machine to squeegee the first coat of sealer for 100% coverage. A second coat is spray applied for added protection. Recommended for high traffic areas such as shopping centers, fast food restaurants, large office complexes, private streets, and main drive lanes.


Sometimes the best sealcoat system is a combination of our services. Tar Seal can meet with you to custom design a sealcoat system to best suit your property’s traffic pattern. Many of our clients greatly benefit from Maxi Seal on the main drive lanes and Premium Seal on the parking spaces.


We proudly use surface coatings manufactured locally in Florida. We have a wide range of products a wide range of products to meet differing needs. Ultimately, your pavement goals, budget, and the current condition of your pavement will guide our recommendations.

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