Besides our core services, Tar Seal provides many other important services for parking lots & streets.


We furnish and install signs of all shapes and sizes. From standard handicap signs to reflective D.O.T. stop signs, we’ve got you covered.

ADA Warning Surfaces

Let us make sure your pedestrian crossing is safe for the visually impaired and meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) laws. Our surface-mount or cast-in-place detectable warning surfaces come in wide colors and sizes


Our protective bollards are made of schedule 40 steel pipe. We apply paint primer and 2 coats of finish paint before we install the pipe. The pipe is then filled with concrete and positioned to guard your building from those “lesser skilled” motorists.

Speed Humps

We’ve installed every size speed hump imaginable over the years. Whether you’re looking for permanent asphalt humps or modern preformed rubber humps, we have the experience to accomplish your goals. We can slow traffic down!

Car Stops (Parking Blocks)

Tar Seal installs concrete car stops designed for today’s modern low-profile vehicles. Recommended for all store-front parking and handicap parking. Intended to help drivers know when they have pulled all the way into a parking space and must stop.

Pavement Pressure Cleaning

We originally added pressure cleaning in order to ensure curbs and car stops were clean enough for us to paint. These days it’s a popular service and a great way to make sure your sidewalks and curbs don’t detract from your property’s appearance. Our crew will use a 4,000 psi pressure cleaner and a walk-behind surface cleaner to remove unsightly mold and mildew

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