It all starts with paving. Whether new construction, asphalt overlay, or full removal & replacement, Tar Seal will work hard to find the best solution.


The experts at Tar Seal can build you a brand new parking lot or road. Typically working from your engineering plans, we can provide excavation, base installation, and placement of the asphalt for your new driving surface.


Resurfacing (overlay) is the most economical and common form of paving. Depending upon your existing pavement condition and traffic load, we will typically install and compact either 1” or 1.5” of new asphalt over your existing worn or damaged surface. Coupled with regular maintenance, it’s a great way to extend the life of your parking lot by another 15-20 years.


Eventually, all asphalt will need to be replaced. How soon depends upon whether the surface was regularly maintained with sealcoating and preventative maintenance, properly constructed in the first place, the traffic loads, and good water drainage. If your asphalt is no longer a candidate for overlay paving, we’ll help you find the right solution.

Many times we can use a process to mill (grind) the existing surface down through the worst damage and still leave a layer of asphalt which we can re-pave on top of. Other times we may need to completely remove the old asphalt until the underlying base is revealed. We can then inspect for any necessary base repairs and begin to reconstruct your asphalt surface.


Most parking lots and streets will experience the occasional pot hole. All it takes is a crack to allow water under the asphalt and a pot hole can quickly develop. Maybe your weekly garbage truck is just a bit too heavy. Don’t worry, we are experts at repairing damaged asphalt. We’ll saw cut the perimeter of the damage, remove the old asphalt, inspect the underlying base, and install a new layer of hot asphalt.

Over 82% of people who have substantial investments in asphalt don’t know much about it. They learn the hard way what happens when the parking lot is neglected!

I was impressed with your attention to detail during the planning and paving of our shopping center.
Tonia D., Senior Property Mgr.

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