Tar Seal, Inc. is an outgrowth of a highway maintenance business founded over 30 years ago. In 1998, the business expanded into parking lot sweeping and preventative maintenance. In 2001 the parking lot division was separated, sold to Richard and Sandra Webster, and ultimately renamed Tar Seal, Inc.

At Tar Seal, we believe in the strength of the American family. The ability of our employees to earn an honest living for their family is of vital importance. We put great emphasis on our ability to sustain the growth needed to provide quality wages and benefits to our employees. We believe these ideals will allow us to retain the industry’s best, long-term employees. We want the best people in the business to be on your project!


Since the beginning, I’ve believed that we can help our customers discover the best solutions to their needs by listening, providing information, and performing services to the highest standards of excellence. I’ve been in the asphalt industry for over 25 years and we are experts at what we do. Take a look at our services and I’m sure you’ll see that you found the right company for all your pavement maintenance needs.

--Richard Webster, Vice President